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Grief vs. Mourning
National Pet Memorial Day

Finding Hope Through Loss

From one pet parent to another, please find comfort in knowing I am here to walk beside you during this difficult journey called grief. I have felt the heartbreak you are going through and that is why I have dedicated my life to helping individuals just like you. Words cannot begin to describe your loss, but please know I do understand. 


Having grown up on a farm my childhood playmates included baby calves, horses, bunnies, dogs and 32 cats that set up house in a boxcar that also served as my playhouse. I have loved and lost many animals. My understanding of the human-animal bond, which began on this farm, has stayed and grown with me ever since.

Thank you for having the courage to seek help; you have already taken your first step towards healing.

#1 New Release on by Leigh Ann Gerk

Available in Paperback and Kindle

My love of writing and my firm belief and appreciation of the human-animal bond inspired me to publish, just in time for National Pet Memorial Day, this children’s book Dear Brave Friend.  As we are all children at heart, it would be a perfect gift to give to yourself, a friend or a family member.  

“This sweet and meaningful book is sure to support the whole family. The author has taken care to capture what it’s like for a child to lose a friend and impart a message of hope.”

—Kathleen Cooney, Veterinarian and end of life specialist

“Dear Brave Friend is a beautiful way to talk with children about pet loss. The story line and illustrations are powerful tools that give a child’s heart permission to know that they might feel a certain way, and it’s perfectly acceptable. Coupled with the practical workbook at the end, this book has it all—not only for children and parents, but for all ages! This is a “highly recommend” read for every pet lover!”

 —Coleen A. Ellis, Pet Loss Pioneer

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