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Supporting Your Child When Their Beloved Pet Dies

I am elated that I was invited to be a guest on Reading with Your Kids Podcast. My very first podcast is going to be about the types of conversations parents and kids can share after reading Dear Brave Friend . As I shared with you on my blog titled, Why I Wrote Dear Brave Friend, I will forever be grateful that as a young child, my mother recognized my broken heart and encouraged me to stay home from school to honor and acknowledge the grief I felt for the animals I loved and lost. It was through this simple, gentle act of kindness that I learned about loss, and the sadness that follows. Thus, this is also where Dear Brave Friend began to slowly take shape, not only in my mind but also in my heart.

The death of a pet can be devastating to a family. Parents are often unsure of how to help their children understand and process this grief, which is typically their first “significant loss.” I am so honored that I have been given the opportunity to have a conversation with host, Jed Doherty, about this very real topic. I look forward to offering support, encouragement, and reassurance to parents while they maneuver through this difficult but necessary journey with their children.

Please stay tuned! I will post the link when it goes live.

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