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National Pet Memorial Day

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

I wrote this post last year for National Pet Memorial Day. I wanted to share it with you again for this year's special day.

National Pet Memorial Day will be recognized this year on Sunday, September 13th. It is always held the second Sunday of each September. This special day started over 40 years ago, and continues to be more recognized every year. It was formed by The International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories.

Honored Pets.

For some, this may be the first National Pet Memorial Day they have ever experienced. For others, this may be a day they have honored for several years. Regardless of when you lost your precious pet, the meaning of this day is the same. This is a day to reflect, to honor and to remember the extraordinary love you and your beloved pet shared.

As with any difficult, approaching anniversary date such as date of death, birthdays and holidays, National Pet Memorial Day can also be a difficult time. I encourage you to read through the list below with possible ways you can honor your pet and at the same time continue down the path of healing.


  • Talk to your pet. Share with them your favorite memories and the things you miss most about them.

  • Look at photos and videos. Some will make you laugh and some will make you cry; that’s ok. If you feel inclined, perhaps you could make a scrapbook.

  • Share stories with family and friends about your dear pet. Also, ask others about their favorite memory of your pet; you may hear a story you have never heard before.

  • Write a letter to your pet, date it and put it in a keepsake box. There are many different kinds of letters you could write. Here are some letter suggestions if you aren’t sure what to write:

  • Thank you . . .

  • I miss you . . .

  • What I have learned about myself because of you . . .

  • What I loved most about you . . .

  • What I wish I could have told you . . .

  • Play songs that remind you of your pet.

  • Light a memory candle.

  • Journal—you do not need to be a writer to journal. You don’t even need to write in complete sentences. Writing down a simple thought or memory has many benefits including releasing pent up thoughts and emotions, calming troubled memories, and offering new perspectives of hope.

  • Volunteer—volunteering can lead to a rush of euphoria and release endorphins—similar feelings you embraced with your beloved pet. It can help you combat depression, give you an increased sense of purpose and self-worth, help you feel more connected to others and help reduce loneliness.

  • Donate to a favorite rescue or shelter in memory of your pet.

Many of you may have your very own way to memorialize your pet that is not listed. We all grieve differently so please embrace what works and comforts YOU.

I wrote my children's book Dear Brave Friend to reach out and help grieving pet families understand and cope with the loss of their beloved pet. In honor and remembrance of your precious pet and National Pet Memorial Day, please order your copy today on Amazon at:

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